Agriculture and Rural Development

Agriculture plays an important and strategic role in the economic development of the Herzegovina Region. It should be a key segment of economic development. Natural resources such as climate, land and water ensure high potential for developing various primary agricultural productions. That production is and will be in synergy not only with food processing industry but with other economic sectors as well including economy and markets of neighbouring regions and regions of the neighbouring states.

Geographical position, on the other hand, ensures good links with costal and continental markets allowing quick and cheap transport, which in itself further emphasizes natural resources.

The identified priority focus areas in primary agricultural production are:

-agricultural production (specified cereals, cattle feed, potato) in mountainous areas;

-tobacco with slightly changed tobacco type, new land parcelling and new technologies as an indigenous Herzegovina product (Herzegovina rolled tobacco "škija", tobacco for pipes);

-production of fruit, wine and seedlings;

-production of vegetables, medicinal and aromatic herbs, spices and seeds;

-floricultural production;

-gathering herbs and fruit in nature;

-cattle breeding, small cattle, fish-farms (river and sea fish), production of honey;

-rural production, small dairy farms, production of indigenous agricultural products using raw materials produced in the region and autochthonous cultivar and technologies including production of organic food.

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