Geographical Characteristics

Herzegovina Region is located in the southern and south-eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it covers an area of 12.276 km² or 24% of B&H territory. Herzegovina borders Bosnia in the north, Monte Negro in the east and the Republic of Croatia (Dalmatia) in the south and in the west. It has an exit to the Adriatic Sea at the coastal part of border with the Republic of Croatia in the Neum-Klek Bay in a narrow zone of indented coast 24.5 km long. The access to the Adriatic Sea makes Herzegovina Region a specific region within B&H with great potential for development of tourism and economy in general.

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Comparative Size In Relation To The Entire B&H Territory

The city of Mostar with over 100.000 inhabitants is the largest economic centre in Herzegovina Region. Other important economic centres in Herzegovina include Trebinje, Konjic, Široki Brijeg and Livno. Mostar is 130 km away Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The distance between Mostar and Croatian regional centres is: Dubrovnik 180 km, Split 160km, Zagreb 430km. Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is 530km away from Mostar.

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