The number of inhabitants is estimated at over 450.000 (the precise number of inhabitants is impossible to determine given that the last census was in 1991.), or 12% of the total B&H population. The ethnic composition of Herzegovina is made up of Croats, Bosniaks, Serbs and members of other ethnic groups.
The population belongs to the Dinaric Ethnic Group and three nationalities have been differentiated: Croats, Serbs and Bosniaks. Difficult living conditions and numerous wars have caused population migrations. The last war has caused severe demographic changes with long-lasting consequences.

When talking about density of population in 1991 there were 994 populated locations with 127.000 households. An average family had 3, 97 members. There are no present day statistical data with similar information and serious research needs to be conducted to determine the real situation in the region.

It has been estimated that the average population density has been reduced from 44, 08 inhabitants per km² in 1991 to 38, 29 inhabitants per km², which testifies of the constant departure of inhabitants. Compared to the entire B&H (population density 74, 2 inhabitants/km²) the region is relatively poorly populated.



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