Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development-FP7

European Union Framework Programmes (FP – Framework Programmes) are the main instrument for financing scientific researches in Europe. At the European Commission proposal, the Council of EU and the European Parliament adopt framework programmes; their duration is from three to five years and the last year of previous programme is overlapped with the first year of new programme. The first cycle of framework programmes started in 1984. The Programmes provide assistance in organisation of cooperation between universities, research centres and industry (including small and medium enterprises), as well as provide financial support to their joint projects.

In distinction from previous framework programmes that have lasted from three to five years, FP7 lasts for seven years as of 1 January 2007 to the end of 2013.

By its contents, organisation and method of implementation, FP7 will not be pure copy of previous framework programmes, but it has been predicted that FP7 be a basis for support to activities outlined in finished Lisbon Strategy.

FP7 has been designed to improve success comparing to previous programmes, which have been aimed at establishment of the European Research Area – ERA and development of European economy based on knowledge.  
By the Agreement between the Council of Europe and European Parliament budget amounting to € 50.521 billion has been adopted. 

FP7 has been divided into 4 specific programmes:
•    COOPERATION – establishment of the European leadership in ten thematic priorities through financing scientific researches implemented jointly by organisations regardless of state borders
•    CAPACITIES – establishment of top-level infrastructure for European researchers  
•   IDEAS – autonomous European Research Council for strengthening the European science  
•   HUMAN RESOURCES – strengthening of human resources within European researches.


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