Industry in Herzegovina has a long and strong tradition. In the former Yugoslavia, Herzegovinian industry was very strong and made the basis of the former economic system and employed about 80% of the population. It was divided into several main branches: metal treatment and processing industry and agricultural industry, with strong agents such as Soko Mostar, Konjic Igman, Aluminum Mostar, Feal Siroki Brijeg, Tools facory Trebinje, UNIS, Hepok Mostar, Winery Čitluk etc.

Nowadays, Herzegovina is characterized by increasing and faster development of SMEs with significant levels of local and international investments. Resources that are at Herzegovina's disposal are very important and can only be activated through the formation of an efficient private industry in all segments, which would favorably influence the further development of SMEs in Herzegovina. Concearning these opportunities for industrial development in Herzegovina are extremely large. Outline of modern industry in Herzegovina is created mainy of metal processing, construction, manufacturing and food processing and agricultural industries.

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