5 agrometeorological stations installed in Ljubuški

On December 28, 2022 in Ljubuški. 5 agrometeorological stations were installed in 5 different locations on the territory of the City, so that in accordance with the agro-ecological conditions of different parts of the City, various parameters important for monitoring the situation could be monitored and, based on this, recommendations for various agronomic activities and interventions on agricultural areas could be made. Installing the stations is part of the "Digitalization of Municipal Land Management" project. The goal of the project is the introduction of digitization of agricultural land in the area of the City of Ljubuški. In addition to the weather stations, the City of Ljubuški received Agrolife IT equipment and software, which together with the weather stations form a whole.

The stations are equipped with a sensor for measuring wind speed and direction; sensor for measuring leaf humidity; sensor for measuring the amount of precipitation; a sensor for measuring solar radiation; soil temperature; 2x hygroclip (air temperature and air humidity). The stations have forecast models for 21 agricultural crops. The accompanying "AGROlife" weather station software provides the possibility of displaying, processing and analyzing the data collected from the weather station, with the aim of predicting diseases, the appearance of pests and planning works (sowing, plant protection, harvesting, plant nutrition, accessibility to the field, tillage). As part of the software, there is also a module for global weather forecast, with display up to 7 days in advance, with parameters of air temperature, probability of precipitation, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, air pressure, solar radiation.

The software also contains an API (Application Programming Interface) interface with standard RESTful services for connecting to other software so that weather stations can also be displayed in them. Data from weather stations will be linked to the AgroLIFE platform installed in the local government.

Access to the software and all data will be provided free of charge to leaseholders of agricultural land, as well as to all interested farmers. The project plans training on the use of the software for both staff in the City of Ljubuški, as well as land tenants and all interested farmers.

Preparatory activity for installing weather stations was data analysis and field visits, assessment of terrain accessibility, safety, and the positioning of weather stations was carried out according to the criteria of covering the entire territory of the city of Ljubuški with networked weather data.

The locations where the stations are placed are:

  1. Plantation nursery vineyard,
  2. Murić olive orchard
  3. Nuić Vineyards,
  4. Šipovača,
  5. Kravica olive orchard.

The realization of this project makes it possible to collect and record a large amount of information in one place, with a very simple process of using this database. All information is collected, recorded and stored in real time, which enables their daily use from the point of view of an individual actor, but the real value of so much information is in their subsequent processing for the needs of various scientific research works. These scientific research works use two groups of data:

  1. The first group of data consists of data collected from meteorological stations (depending on the type of sensor, it is e.g. air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, precipitation amounts, insolation, wind, etc.)-
  2. The second group of data consists of information entered by agricultural producers engaged in plant production. There is a huge amount of information: number and area of plots, types and varieties per plot, type of mechanization and work operations, type and quantity of individual agricultural inputs, labor consumption, etc. It should be added that there are economic indicators for most of this information as well that it is possible to obtain data on economic analyzes (costs, income, profit,...) by plot, type, variety, Local Government unit, sub-sector, etc.

The regional project "Digitalization of municipal land management" is implemented by GIZ and the company Telegroup, in partnership with the Network for a favorable business environment represented by NALED, REDAH, the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska and the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, as part of the develoPPP program of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The aim of the project is to improve the capacity of local self-governments in the area of digital land management through:

- improving transparency in the process of digital land management

- modernization of services provided by local governments

- regional exchange of experiences in this field.

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