A press conference was held within the project "Supporting youth employment in the IT sector"

In the premises of the company IT odjel d.o.o., Mostar, one of the project partners, on Thursday , December 1,2022. media conference was held  in the framework of the project "SUPPORT TO YOUTH EMPLOYMENT IN THE IT SECTOR". REDAH in partnership with the City of Mostar, the University of Mostar, the company IT odjel d.o.o. Mostar and the Employment Service of HNŽ-HNK, is implementing a project that will last 21 months with a total value of 400,182 KM, of which the amount of EU grant funds is 312,932 KM. The project intends to reduce the discrepancy between the currently recorded large number of unemployed young people and the expressed need of companies from the IT sector for a specific occupational profile. The local partnership will initiate a process with planned activities that will create methods and tools for long-term sustainability through the Local Action Plan for employment of the City of Mostar.

There was a presentation of the previous activities in the project as well as plan of subsequent activities.

The Mayor of the City of Mostar, Mr. Mario Kordić, stated: "Through this project, which we are implementing in cooperation with our partners, REDAH as a lead partner, Employment Service of HNŽ/K, University of Mostar and IT Odjel, we want to create better conditions for the employment of young people in our city, and I think we are on the right track. The activity that I would like to highlight is the creation of the Local Action Plan for Employment in the City of Mostar, which we have just started. The Local Action Plan for Employment is the basic instrument for implementing an active employment policy in the City of Mostar. It will elaborate in more detail the goals and priorities of the employment policy defined earlier through the Strategy of the development of the City of Mostar 2022-2027, through programs and measures as well as through the indicative financial plan of the Strategy, all in order to achieve the set goals and enable a sustainable increase in employment. City of Mostar, by creating a Local Action Plan for Employment, wants to systematically regulate and solve the employment issue in the area of ​​the City, in cooperation with a key actors who can provide support for successful implementation of employment measures."

Mr. Marko Laco, CEO of IT Odjel d.o.o., "We are aware of the fact that in today's market both employers and young people face a similar problem: employers face a lack of quality workforce, while at the same time young people struggle to find work. Precisely for this reason, IT Odjel welcomed this project and the young people who are part of it with open arms. What makes us especially happy is the variety of registered candidates who.

One of the goals of IT Odjel is the education of all those who are eager for knowledge and it is through this education that we open new jobs for a new generation of qualified personnel.

By regularly attending this free education and passing the final test, participants will receive a certificate.

In addition, for all those interested, we plan to organize the second cycle of education for WordPress developers and digital marketing experts. It will start in the spring of 2023.

The cycle of education in the ILO project is the first concrete step for creating the foundations of the ITO Academy. We are proud to be a part of this project, and we are happy with the outcome of future staff who, I am sure, will be in demand in many companies - including ITO.

Local Partnership for Employment Mostar is one of 20 established partnerships in the country under the "European Union Support to Local Partnerships for Employment - Phase II" (LEP II) Project, funded by the European Union with EUR 4 million and implemented by the International Labor Organization (ILO).

This project aims to contribute to the improvement of employment opportunities in local communities by supporting the development of local employment partnerships as partnership-established labor market mechanisms that ensure access to formal employment. For more information about the LEP II project, visit www.partnerstvo.ba  and social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).

For more information on the "SUPPORT FOR YOUNG PEOPLE IN EMPLOYMENT IN THE IT SECTOR" Project visit our website www.redah.ba  or contact us directly at phone: 063 295 766; e-mail: [email protected] .

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