BFC SEE Training for Verifier Candidates

On June 13, 2024, a one-day regional training of candidates for BFC SEE verifiers was held in Belgrade. The training was organized by the Regional Technical Secretariat (NALED) in cooperation with the Technical Secretariats of the region, accredited for the implementation of the BFC SEE certification program of local self-governments.


Based on the criteria for the selection of verifiers, a review and evaluation of the received applications of candidates was carried out. After the training, candidates will be tested.


The BFC SEE verifier is a licensed expert, hired by the Technical Secretariat, who provides an expert assessment of the degree of fulfillment of the certification criteria by the local self-government, as well as to verify all available findings that will determine whether the municipality or city has met the conditions for obtaining the BFC SEE certificate. The verifier's report is sent to the Regional Council, which decides that the municipality/city acquires the status of a local self-government with a favorable business environment according to the BFC SEE standard.


The BFC SEE certification program is a unique initiative in the region of Southeast Europe, which affects the creation of faster and more efficient administration, which should remove obstacles to the accelerated development of the economy, enable better investment results, create new jobs and general modernization of society. Since 2012, more than 100 local self-governments from the region of Southeast Europe have participated in the BFC SEE program, of which 64 have met the conditions to be in the group of cities and municipalities with the greatest investment potential as BFC SEE certificate holders.

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