Continuation of work on the development of strategies for non-governmental organizations

In the period from August 17 until August 19, 2022.  the REDAH team continued its work on the development of sustainability strategies for drop-in centers for non-governmental organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The activity is realized within the framework of the ENVISION project implemented by Save The Children, which supports six non-governmental organizations dealing with socially disadvantaged persons, children's rights, Roma rights, etc.

From Wednesday to Friday, we worked at special workshops, in which members of the management bodies, employees and volunteers from Otaharin from Bjeljina, Vermont from Brčko and New Generation from Banja Luka were involved, with an emphasis on strategic focusing, and defining strategic goals, priorities, measures and activities. The workshop was interactive with the active participation of those present, it was based on previously collected and analyzed information from the questionnaire, communication with organizations between the two workshops, SWOT analysis, and in conversation with workshop participants. The workshops were characterized by useful discussions, exchange of information and proposals for an operational plan.

In the end, we agreed on which duties and tasks should be completed by the next workshop, and at the same time agreed on the methods and intensity of communication between the coordinators from these organizations and Redah's team.

This week we continue working on the same topic with the remaining 3 organizations from Nikšić, Podgorica and Mostar.

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