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The third information day about the project "Establishment of the Network for Rural Development Herzegovina-HeRuDNet" was held in Bileća.
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REDAH continues its cooperation with the municipality of Han Pijesak
BFC SEE Training for Verifier Candidates
Info day was held in Livno within the EU project "Establishment of the Network for Rural Development of Herzegovina-HeRuDNet"
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Continuously active projects
REDAH is a non-government, nonprofit and independent regional development agency for Herzegovina founded
by the regional economic development entities for the purpose of promoting, coordinating, planning and
implementing development activities in the region. The work of REDAH is based on partnership between public,
private and non-government sector, which is considered as the key for success.
REDAH mission is to be the catalyst that will structure and provide
comprehensive support to the regional economic development of
Herzegovina region as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Herzegovina will become a developed and competitive
economic region within the European Union
Association for economic development REDAH
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