REDAH prepares and implements plans and projects that are of a great importance for the region; provides assistance to the local and regional partners and to organizations and institutions in designing, preparing and implementing their development projects.

REDAH has been accredited by the Delegation of the European Commission to Bosnia and Herzegovina to monitor all projects that are being implemented in the region of Herzegovina which are financed by the European Commission funds. This enables that the projects are implemented according to proper procedures and requirements.

Within its mission and defined goals, REDAH implements its activities in order to fulfil its priorities defined in the Regional Development Strategy, which present the basis for REDAH activities. All activities are based on previously made analyses and determined need.

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Financed by: EU4Bussines
The project "CIRO - WORLD HERITAGE TRAIL" promotes cultural and outdoor tourism along the old railway line connecting Stolac, Ravno, Capljina and Mostar. The project aims to improve the length, quality and visibility of the bike path that stretches along the UNESCO protected area, as well as open new business opportunities for local producers and […]
CB-GREEN; Cross-border - a network of green, renewable and energy efficiency
Financed by: EU
Protecting and preserving the environment and encouraging the sustainable use of natural resources in the border regions of Zadar County and Herzegovina-Neretva Canton through joint actions and campaigns to raise awareness of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy systems in the public sector. Total project budget 499,066.54
Via Dinarica Training for service providers and hubs
Financed by: UNDP
REDAH experts held five two-day trainings for providers of tourism services in nature - beneficiaries of the UNDP project Via Dinarica. Trainings were held in Mostar, Tomislavgrad, Banja Luka, Sokolac and Trebinje. Also, REDAH provided on-site advice and guidance to nature-based tourism service providers in 32 municipalities in BiH. The main topics of the consultation […]
School of agrotourism / rural tourism
Financed by: SWG
REDAH, with the support of the Standing Working Group for Regional Rural Development (SWG RRD), organized the School of Agrotourism / Rural Tourism for Beneficiaries in Herzegovina. Intended for current service providers and potential providers (agricultural holdings, crafts, etc.). The school is based on 32 modules developed through the LANDS project within the ERASMUS + […]
Cycling and Bike Friendly Standard Expert Services for the Cycling Rural Project
Financed by: IPA CBC MN-BH
REDAH organized trainings for bicycle guides for the Office for European Integration under the Government of the West Herzegovina County, within the project "Cycling routes for the improvement of the natural and cultural heritage of Herzegovina and Montenegro - Cycling Rural" The training was organized due to the expressed need for the services of professional […]
Education for the sustainable development of UNESCO heritage
Financed by: UN Peacebuilding Fund
The project aims to contribute to achieving national goals in education for sustainable development, connecting young people and implementing an informal educational program on sustainable development, environmental protection, natural and cultural resources and climate change, for students and teachers of two educational institutions in Kotor and Mostar. The NGO ECO CENTER Delfin from Kotor and […]
Support to agricultural clusters in Herzegovina
Financed by: FARMA II
Supporting registered farmers, entrepreneurs, cooperatives, associations and businesses in facilitating access to high-quality advisory and/or business services, which will result in better business results, contribute to human and physical capital development, increase the agricultural sector's ability to cope with competitive and market forces. and to achieve gradual harmonization with EU standards, while achieving economic, social […]
Support to agricultural cooperatives in Herzegovina
Financed by: FARMA II
The main goal is to systematically raise the level and quality of knowledge, skills, awareness of the target group of users through these continuing education and consulting services to improve organization, planning, the efficiency of cooperatives, which would result in greater quantity and quality of production and products, both individuals and groups farmers, with the […]
Financed by: IPA CBC
Technical assistance services for starting activities within the Stronger project. Writing business plans, marketing strategies, creating business opportunities, etc. for project beneficiaries throughout BiH.
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