School of agrotourism / rural tourism
Duration: 2020 
Value: 4,000.00
Financed by: SWG

REDAH, with the support of the Standing Working Group for Regional Rural Development (SWG RRD), organized the School of Agrotourism / Rural Tourism for Beneficiaries in Herzegovina. Intended for current service providers and potential providers (agricultural holdings, crafts, etc.).
The school is based on 32 modules developed through the LANDS project within the ERASMUS + program. A total of 15 partners (10 faculties, 4 development agencies and 1 NGO) from BiH, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania and Greece participated in the project. This activity aims to transfer basic and key information and principles and processes that are important for rural tourism stakeholders to facilitate the decision-making process and better integrate into the tourism value chain and the market. region of Herzegovina in the region of KRSH. The trainings were held at the locations: Trebinje, Capljina, Ravno and Citluk. The locations represent facilities in agritourism / rural tourism, so the theoretical part of the training was followed by a practical part where the owners of the facilities shared their experiences, plans and challenges with the participants.


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