Second workshop for the development of the ĆIRO cycling trail management plan


The second workshop for the development of a management plan for the cycling trail ĆIRO was organized on Friday, June 24, 2022 in Čapljina.

At the workshop, it was presented the structure of the  document, the current situation of the ĆIRO trail followed by work on the proposal of the SWOT analysis and strategic goals of the management plan.

The purpose of the activities is to jointly make a "CIRO cycling trail Management Plan" by the end of July 2022. These workshops are conducted by REDAH in cooperation with the Association Herzegovina Bike, funded by the EU and GiZ. The aim of the workshops is to help the holders of tourism development from the area through which the trail passes, but also from all over Herzegovina to objectively analyze the current position and situation, and to jointly establish preconditions for future development by drafting a document that will be systematic, coordinated and planned. to deal with the management of the Ćiro cycling trail, and thus ensure its functionality and sustainability, but also to be one of the generators of tourism development in the entire project area.

Also, Bike Friendly standard certificates were awarded to the owners of 4 facilities from the Čapljina area.


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