BUSINESS FORUM “Development of small and medium enterprises - significance of intellectual property

In the framework of the EU funded project "EU Support for Regional Economic Development to Bosnia and Herzegovina Fund IV" to provide SME Training and Consultancy (EU TAC) services, a business forum "Development of small and medium enterprises - significance of intellectual property for SMEs" will be organised by EU TAC Regional Entrepreneurship Unit Herzegovina BiH in close cooperation with Mr. Ivan Jurilj, Director of RDA REDAH and Mrs. Ljiljana čičković, Director of the Mediterranean Fair in Trebinje.

This forum will take place in Hotel Leotar in Trebinje in Trebinje on Monday, 29th of October 2007 at 10.00 hrs.

The goal is to present reasons for creation of associations for small and medium enterprises and benefits they offer for SMEs. Also, proper information on the role of agencies established to serve SMEs needs, good development practices and intellectual property.

Participants of this Forum will be representatives of SMEs from Herzgovina BiH economic region, representatives from the Ministry of Economy, Energetic and Development in RS Government, RS Agency for development of small and medium enterprises, Regional Agency for development of small and medium enterprises, Institute of Intellectual Property, representatives of local SMEs, representatives of relevant RS and Federal Ministries, representatives of  Chambers of Economy, representatives of local and regional development agencies,  representatives of associations and international/local NGOs dealing with SME sector, and Business Incubators representatives.

The lecturers will present their experiences and give recommendation for further activities. 

The programme provides presentation and discussion. 

Media representatives are hereby invited to attend the event in order to inform the public on the project activities and importance of the subject of the event.

For any further information please contact:        

Silvia Sivrić, Regional Manager

Tel.: 036 556 320


Lljiljana čićković, Director of Sajamski grad

Tel. 059  272 060                                                                         


Ivan Jurilj, RDA REDAH Director                         

Tel.036 557 210

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