Acting Director of REDAH, Mr. Ivan
Jurilj met with the Premier of West Herzegovina Canton, Mr. Zvonko Jurišić
yesterday at Široki Brijeg to discuss future plans and REDAH activities and
projects being implemented currently in Herzegovina.

They also talked about the need and
possibility of creating stronger relationship between cantonal government and
REDAH, which would contribute to REDAH effectiveness. Special attention was
given to activities supporting small and medium enterprises and ways in which
the Canton and REDAH may contribute to creating
a more favorable business environment for developing entrepreneurship and
attracting foreign and local investment. Given that REDAH is already
implementing the project of creating Regional Info Centre in Herzegovina and supporting the
creation of info centers in Herzegovina municipalities, it was
noted that the cantonal government should be involved in this system ensuring
thus its effectiveness and improving small and medium enterprise support
system. The meeting therefore also discussed cantonal government plans for
supporting entrepreneurship and the possible assistance REDAH may provide in
terms of their implementation.

There were also talks about
opportunities for Bosnia and Herzegovina arising from the new IPA
Program for 2007-2013 (Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance) which replaced
the existing EU programs for pre-accession countries. Special consideration was
given to Cross Border Cooperation Programs, for which the institutions and
organizations from Herzegovina will be eligible, the
opportunities it provides and necessary capacity building for using the funds
from this program.

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