In the period of 03/12/07-03/16/07 a
seminar for export consultants was held in Zenica as a part of program
activities of the "Integrated Institutional Export Development Program for
Bosnia and Herzegovina" project implemented by CBI (Center for the Promotion of
Imports from Developing Countries from Netherlands) in cooperation with Foreign
Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina and RDA network.

The objective of this five-year
program is to identify competitive products that can be exported from Bosnia and Herzegovina to EU and other foreign

The aim is to regenerate Export
Promotion Strategy.

Through program activities this
project will strive to:

reduce trade deficit by boosting export efforts

accelerate economic growth through World Trade Organization

accelerate the process of B&H integration into EU

stimulate foreign direct investment by expanding foreign
market access

strengthen competitiveness of domestic products

Liberalization of trade and emergence
of global supply chains as well as consumer demand for better quality and
assortment of products have been responsible for international trade rates
surpassing world production rates. The trade increase led to trade deficit in
our country given that Bosnia and Herzegovina still does not have
clearly defined export strategy. Increasing export rates demands institutional
support, which has so far failed, and exporters still face insurmountable
administrative obstacles that present a serious barrier to free export.

This project will, among other
things, attempt to remedy all difficulties relating to free access to markets,
free circulation of goods, certification and export financing.

On this seminar the export
consultants mastered communication techniques and the function of marketing
plans in promoting export.

As planned by the program, the
promotion expert are expected to attend practical training in Rotterdam,
Netherlands in the beginning of May where they will take first steps in
creating business contacts and stimulating export in favor of local companies. 



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