The 2nd meeting of the CIRO Cycling route FORUM was held

The second meeting of FORUM ĆIRO was held on November 30, 2023 in Ravno, attended by representatives of the public, private and non-governmental sectors: municipalities, cycling clubs, private service providers, development agencies, tourist boards.

After the opening address, the activities carried out in 2023 were presented.

In the continuation of the meeting, activities and proposals were discussed with the aim of preparing an operational plan for the 2024, based on the document "Management Plan for the ĆIRO Cycling Trail".

The Ćiro Route Forum was formed, and it is acting as an informal assembly and is made up of representatives of the key actors of the region that gravitates towards the ĆIRO route: municipalities, tourist boards and organizations, the private sector, cycling clubs, development agencies, and an executive body made up of representatives of REDAH, the Association HerzegovinaBike from Mostar, the municipality of Ravno, the Vučji zub association from Trebinje and the tourist organization of the City of Trebinje.

Forum ĆIRO was established for the purpose of more successful coordination of activities on the ĆIRO route.

The ĆIRO route management plan received the support of actors who expressed interest and willingness to work on promotion, route maintenance, event organization and all other activities with the aim of making this tourist product even more visible on domestic, regional and foreign tourist markets. It is particularly important to point out that the local governments expressed their willingness to provide financial support in addition to physical maintenance of the route in order to support the planned activities. In this sense, a cooperation agreement was signed, which defined rights and obligations and support for the implementation of activities in accordance with the Management Plan and the Operational Plan.

This agreement was signed by the City of Mostar, the City of Trebinje, the City of Stolac, the Municipality of Neum, the Municipality of Ravno and the Municipality of Bileća, and REDAH, which operationally coordinates the implementation of the activities. The aim of this Agreement is to improve the coordination of development tourism activities in the Herzegovina region and to strengthen the quality and offer around the Ćiro cycling route, with the aim of attracting new tourists, supporting local entrepreneurship, increasing domestic and foreign investment, increasing employment, and improving the quality of life of residents in rural areas.

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