The Bike Friendly certification process for tourist facilities continues

Over the past 6 months, upon the end of the tourist season in 2021, REDAH, as the regional technical secretariat for Bike Friendly standard, has carried out the certification process of over 40 tourist entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro.

Certified facilities cover all 5 categories of standards: accommodation facilities, catering facilities, travel agencies, service stations and parking lots / garages, while the certification process is supported through the Projects: Cycling Rural, CIRO II and Giro World Heritage Trail projects, all funded by the EU.

In the coming period, these facilities will be promoted on the websites,, and on social networks, which represents a marketing tool to increase the presence of facilities on the tourism market, especially on the cycling market as one of the fastest growing branches of tourism.

The certificate confirms that the owners of the facilities have adjusted their businesses to the requirements of cyclists, enabling them to increase the quality of service. In addition to the results reflected in the improved service of tourist entities, an important effect is the marketing of certified entities.

Increasing the number of certified entities according to the Bike Friendly Standard, along with other project and non-project activities carried out by REDAH in cooperation with various actors, improves the environment for the development of this type of tourist offer.

All of the above will contribute to an increased number of tourists, increased revenue, further diversification of the offer and a better marketing position of Herzegovina as a tourist region.

Good communication and cooperation between the public, private and non-governmental sectors have been established for the purpose of systematic and improved management of the tourist destination.

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