The "Project Cycle Management" workshop was held

Last week, a three-day workshop on "Project Cycle Management" was held within the framework of the ENVISION project, which supports six non-governmental organizations that deal with socially disadvantaged persons, children's rights, Roma rights, etc., and which is implemented by Save the Children.

The workshop is intended for employees of the organizations Altruist Mostar, Defendologija Nikšić and the Center for Children's Rights of Montenegro Podgorica, with the aim of strengthening their capacities, improving their knowledge in this area, thereby increasing their ability to implement projects. Workshop participants will receive professional materials and certificates of workshop attendance.

The workshop covers topics related to the preparation, writing and implementation of project applications. The goal of the workshop is for the participants to acquire knowledge about the entire project cycle, starting from the analysis and identification of project ideas, through the creation of project applications to the implementation of projects and familiarization with the procedures of various donors.

The training for managing the project cycle is based on a combination of theoretical work with practical work, as part of which the skeleton of several project ideas based on their development strategies, which were developed in the past period through this project, would be made.

During the training, participants were introduced to:

  • phases of the project cycle,
  • the difference between the programming process and the project creation process,
  • the steps that precede the creation of the project,
  • by creating a logical frame matrix,
  • formulating the project and creating the project budget,


Redah will continue to assist these organizations in preparing project applications for some of the calls that are expected.

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